Valkyria Chronicles

valkyria chronicles

The Valkyria Chronicles universe takes place on a fictional alternative version of the planet Earth, specifically the continent of Europa. Europa is a big pretty big place but the majority of the continent is under the control of two of the world super powers: The east of the continent is controlled by the East Europan Autocratic Imperial Alliance (the Empire) and the west is controlled by loosely connected democracies which make up the Atlantic Federation (the Federation). Every nation on the continent relies on this super mineral known as ragnite which is used for just about everything from medicine to ammunition. Ragnite powers just about every lightbulb and vehicle on the continent but the dwindling reserves of the super powers lead to all out war to seize the ragnite from each other’s territories.

The game focuses on the people of Gallia, an independent and neutral principality along the coast. The fact that Gallia is independent of either super power, small, and rich with ragnite proves too tempting for the imperial army and the forces of the empire invade. You will focus on Squad 7 of Gallia’s militia, a team of volunteers who take up arms to fight for Gallia’s freedom. You will have the option to choose your soldiers for each mission, pick their equipment, where they will be deployed, strategize your way to victory on the fields of battle and show the Empire they can’t just take whatever they want.

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