The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

the legend of zelda breath of the wild

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was one of the launch title games for the Nintendo Switch and is one of the most ambitious games in the entire Legend of Zelda series with a sequel currently in development. The game begins with Link waking up inside of a cave or a shrine of some sort with no recollection of how he had even gotten there. There is this mysterious female voice guiding Link to leave this place, telling him that the land needs him. Once you leave the cave you are greeted by the sun and a gorgeous view of the land of Hyrule.

Players spend the first few hours of the game trapped on top of this huge plateau known as The Great Plateau. He is rather high up and lacks the strength to climb down to the world below. He does however receive some more instructions from the mysterious voice and meets with a mysterious old man who also helps instruct Link and give him some useful advice. When deemed ready to learn the truth the old man reveals himself to be the ghost of the king of Hyrule and he tells you the voice you have been hearing is the voice of his daughter and the princess, Zelda.

The king will then lay everything out for Link. 100 years ago Link was a knight in service of the kingdom of Hyrule. He was one of the selected champions who would help in defeating a great evil, Calamity Ganon. It had long been prophesied that after the last time it was defeated, that Calamity Ganon would return, so the people of Hyrule spent their time making preparations for its return. These preparations included finding these ancient machines that were used to defeat Ganon long ago and get them and the champions both into battle ready condition. However, Calamity Ganon did in fact return but the kingdom of Hyrule had no hope against it. It corrupted the ancient machines, and turned them against Hyrule, killing many innocent souls and destroying the kingdom. Zelda used her magic to try and imprison Ganon inside of the castle, keeping the two of them trapped in the castle together for a century. Link was injured and near death during the battle but he was placed in The Shrine of Resurrection to heal. The healing process took 100 years but Link was now fully revitalized.

The king gives Link a means to escape the plateau, a glider, so he can float safely down. Link must brave the wilds and ruins of the kingdom regaining his strength and make preparations to travel to the castle. The game can pretty much be played however you wish after leaving the starting area but the end goal of the game is to destroy Ganon and save the princess so that the two of you can see to rebuilding the kingdom.

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