The Darkside Detective

the darkside detective

Ghosts? Ghouls? Other things that go bump in the night? The Twin Lakes City Police Department, Darkside Division, is here to help!… Well… Detective McQueen and his pal Officer Dooley anyway. McQueen is just about the only one in Twin Lakes with any sense, messing with the monstrous and undead forces of the parallel dimension “The Darkside” is not healthy for the world of the living. Despite this fact, just about every other Tom, Dick, and Sally in the city is up to their neck in rituals and dark magic, tampering with forces one shouldn’t. This causes trouble like the disappearance of a little girl, the haunting of the city library, even gremlins running amuck in the police department! Once on the scene its up to McQueen and Dooley to set things right.

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