The Curse of Monkey Island

the curse of monkey island

The Curse of Monkey Island focuses on the most famous wannabe pirate in all the seven seas, Guybrush Threepwood. At the start of the game he is floating along until he floats his way into the middle of this battle taking place between a pirate ship and a fort. The forces of the fort are under the command of Guybrush’s fiancĂ© Elaine Marley… and the pirate ship laying siege to the fort is crewed by the forces of the undead and captained by Guybrush’s arch-nemesis, LeChuck. The battle ends in the sinking of the ship with Guybrush trapped inside and his miraculous escape through the ship’s treasure hold. During his escape he grabs some of the treasure, a large diamond ring he can use to propose to Elaine with. However… the ring is cursed and turns Elaine into a statue of solid gold. Guybrush seeks help in breaking the curse to save Elaine but during his search she is whisked away and the player is quick to learn that LeChuck had survived the battle. It is now up to Guybrush to once again defeat LeChuck and save the life of his true love.

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