Steel Diver

steel diver

The launch title for the Nintendo 3DS. Steel Diver serves as a tech demo as sorts so new owners of the 3DS can have a little hand-held fun and get accustomed to all the features of the pocket sized console. You are the commander of a submarine who is tasked with going on deep sea missions to fight against an evil faction who is building their own private army and navy in secret in a plot to take over the world. The missions of this game will require you to get your sub to the end goal without being sunk, some missions will involve you battling with some of the enemy’s secret weapons like a devastating new type of battleship. A really fun segment of this game is the periscope mini-games which will require you to stand and hold the console, and moving in a 360 degree circle as if you were operating an actual periscope on the hunt for enemy vessels.

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