Spyro the Dragon

spyro trilogy

Spyro is a product of the 90’s. He is a young dragon with attitude, but despite this he is a nice guy who is known for doing the right thing, which means he kicks the butt of evil on a regular basis. Each game of the series will take Spyro and his dragofly pal Sparx across many different worlds, putting dragon wings, dragon horns, and dragon fire to good use.


Spyro the Dragon

Spyro and all the other dragons are enjoying a time of peace. Some of the dragons are strangely being interviewed by a tv (its the 90’s just go with it). The interview can be seen across the worlds and is even being watched by our villain, Gnasty Gnorc, warrior leader of the gnorcs. During the interview the dragons insult Gnasty which leads him to be… nasty. He uses his magic to turn all the dragons into statues of solid crystal. Spyro somehow is over looked by the spell so being the only dragon left he sets out on a quest to free all the dragons and defeat Gnasty and his army.

spyro 2

Spyro 2 Ripto’s Rage

After defeating Gnasty Gnorc Spyro has gotten quite bored and the dragon home world is experiencing a long spell of rain. Longing for some sun Spyro decides that Sparx and him are going on a vacation to Dragon Shores, a sunny dragon resort, so they jump into the nearest portal and are headed there now. Spyro however doesn’t reach Dragon Shores, he is diverted mid portal travel to an entirely different world known as Avalar. There he is welcomed by the group who summoned him: Elora the faun, Hunter the cheetah and a mole who goes by The Professor. The three apologize for dragging Spryo to their world but explain to him they needed the help of a dragon to help defeat the local evil wizard Ripto, he hates dragons. Spyro decides that he is going to put his vacation on hold and help these folks with their evil wizard infestation.

spyro 3

Spyro Year of the Dragon

Another time of peace has graced the dragon world. Everyone is enjoying a nice rest when all of a sudden thieves sneak into their domain and steal away all the dragon eggs. With an entire new generation of dragon’s being kidnapped Spyro gives chase to the thieves who take him to the Forgotten Worlds. It turns out that the thieves are under the command of a evil queen sorceress and her apprentice, so Spyro gets to work on recovering the eggs and helping the local residents free themselves from their evil despot.

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