Paper Mario The Origami King

paper mario the origami king

The sixth installment of the Paper Mario series released on the Nintendo Switch. In the Paper Mario universe everything and everyone is adorably made from paper, cardboard, and other arts and crafts supplies. The flat paper denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom are preparing for the Origami Festival, where the citizens make fun origami decorations to decorate the town and party! Mario and Luigi are invited to take part in the festival only to arrive to Toad Town to find everyone has disappeared. They decide to head for the princess’ castle believing they will find everyone gathered inside. Instead they are greeted by Princess Peach and she has been folded into a mindless origami zombie!

Mario is thrown into the dungeon where he is greeted by some of Bowser’s minions. They however are just as clueless as Mario in what is going on and the minions are escorted away by other origami zombies. It is here in the dungeon that Mario meets Olivia, a kind hearted girl made from origami. She explains to Mario that they need to find a way out of here, and upon further exploration of the dungeons they find Bowser himself. Freeing Bowser the gang make their way to the roof of the castle where they are then cornered by the villain of the game, King Olly. Olly is Olivia’s brother but instead of being nice like she is, he intends to turn everything and everyone in the world into origami! Mario and Olivia manage to escape the castle together just before it can be magically ripped from the castle grounds and set high above the top of the nearby volcano. Mario and Olivia spend the rest of the game on a world traveling adventure restoring it little by little so they can prepare for the final confrontation with Olly to stop his evil plans.

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