The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening

DallwigBlackKApr 19, 20221 min read

Decades after its original release on the Nintendo Gameboy, The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening was remade from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch. This game follows Link who…


DallwigBlackKApr 19, 20223 min read

Uncharted is a fantastic series of games featuring well learned treasure hunter and thief Nathan Drake. Each game of the series focuses on Nathan picking up where others left off,…

Spyro the Dragon

DallwigBlackKApr 19, 20223 min read

Spyro is a product of the 90’s. He is a young dragon with attitude, but despite this he is a nice guy who is known for doing the right thing,…

Sly Cooper

DallwigBlackKApr 19, 20224 min read

Sly Cooper is a raccoon who was orphaned at a young age when his parents were killed. His father was one of a long line of master thieves, while seen…

Valkyria Chronicles

DallwigBlackKApr 19, 20222 min read

The Valkyria Chronicles universe takes place on a fictional alternative version of the planet Earth, specifically the continent of Europa. Europa is a big pretty big place but the majority…

“Roses Trémières” by Berthe Morisot
“In the Bois de Boulogne” by Berthe Morisot
“Young Woman in Mauve” by Berthe Morisot

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