Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions

mario and luigi superstar saga

This is a remastering of a game that was originally released on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. It was remade for the Nintendo 3DS and included with it was the option to use amiibos to unlock in-game items and play an all new game called Bowser’s Minions where you took control of the evil koopa king’s minions.

The main game itself is about the Mushroom Kingdom receiving a visit from envoys of the neighboring kingdom, The Beanbean Kingdom. However, when princess Peach meets with these envoys they turn out to be the evil witch Cackletta and her minion Fawful in disguise. They posed as the envoys to steal the voice of the princess and then they ran off back to the Beanbean Kingdom to continue with their evil plans. Mario and Luigi are informed of the attack on the princess and rush there to discover Bowser had beat them there. He is attempting to kidnap the princess but is hampered by her new voice, each time the princess speaks she creates explosions.

To restore the voice to the princess Mario and Luigi decide to team up with Bowser and the three of them travel towards the border of the Beanbean Kingdom together. En route they are attacked by Cackletta and Fawful who warn them about trying to interfere with their plans. After the attack Mario and Luigi get separated from Bowser so they have to find him and get themselves across the border into the Beanbean Kingdom. They find Bowser and help him out of his situation he’s found himself in only to be separated again. Just the two of you now, Mario and Luigi travel into the Beanbean Kingdom to track down the evil witch and her lacky.

The game takes place all over the foreign land of the Beanbean Kingdom, it turns out the Beanbean people are facing troubles of their own. Cackletta is attempting to steal the treasure of the realm, the bean star, a star that has fallen into a deep slumber and it can only be awoken by a lovely pure hearted voice. Once the star is awoken then the one who woke it can use it’s power to grant any of their wishes. Mario and Luigi have to work together to keep the witch from awakening the star and save not one but two kingdoms in the process.

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