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The project was to take collected data and make it into a visually interesting infographic to visually communicate the data to viewers. I decided to go with each of the major consoles produced by Nintendo. The Gameboy and Dual Screen (DS) families of consoles were excluded from this listing as they were consoles specifically designed for consumers to play on the go exclusively.

Each data point includes the name of the console, the year it first released and then the number of units each had sold at the time of working on this design. I wanted to try to incorporate elements of Nintendo’s mascot IP Super Mario into this design while keeping it as a poster in a vertical format. The end result was having the climbable vine coming out of the ground through a warp pipe, climbing high into the sky between the house and fort. I felt the vine would be a fun twist on the traditional line of a timeline.

Originally each of the console controllers were going to be their respective colors. This made the design feel a bit too busy due to the fact that some of these controllers have their own color schemes. Instead I opted for the uniform golden color scheme.

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