Holiday Poster

Adobe IllustratorTypography

The final project was to take a holiday and then make a poster for it, inviting viewers to come join the festivities at the holiday party. There could only be three colors and any at all imagery had to be created utilizing the letters of the holiday name and greeting. In my case I had to utilize each of the letters in “Merry Christmas”.

The final outcome uses the color yellow along with the values black and white. The black to give the night time feeling, the white being the flurry of snowflakes and the yellow being the glow of the illuminations of the decorations. To create each of the snowflakes I used letters repeatedly and rotated them. The star at the top of the tree is the lowercase of the letter i overlapping the tittle of each i and rotating around. As for the tree itself I used the main text to create an imaginary border around the tree to give it the shape of a tree without an actual line or shape.

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