Hiveswap takes place in the Homestuck web fiction universe created by Andrew Hussie. The game is designed to accommodate players who are either extremely well versed in the series, to new comers who are not familiar with the series what-so-ever. In short, the series focuses on some human teenagers, a race of horned alien humanoids called trolls, and all the shenanigans they get up to together.

The game focuses on Joey Claire, a young human girl who lives at home with her brother Jude. Their mother died, their father is off having adventurers else where and their babysitter is currently out so the two children are very much alone… until monsters. Their home is attacked by a pack of strange other worldly creatures which force the kids to seek refuge, Jude to his tree house and Joey to her bedroom. With this the stage is set for your point and click adventure styled adventure where Joey must find useful items that will help her avoid being consumed by the attacking monsters. There is also a strange and mysterious machine up in the attic that may or may not be able to transport people to and from a distant alien planet.

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